First, start price



Fees (urban)




300 Yuan/ Times

Combining human and fares

In the car


600 Yuan/ Times

Combining human and fares



1000 Yuan/ Times

Combining human and fares

Note: the price for the urban area to move out to move into the actual distance is less than 10 km, floors, within the 3-storey parking within a distance of 20 metres.

Second, additional charge

1. floor: stairs rooms over 3 floors up to 8 layers, each charging 10 Yuan, 20 Yuan more than 8 levels each layer.

2. the transport distance: move out to move into the actual distance of more than 10 kilometers, excess km charge 6 Yuan each (car), 8 (in the car), 10 (cart).

3. stopping distance: car stop distance housing charge on exports more than 20 meters per 1.2-meter.

4. location: plus 80 to 100 each additional location (road), between 150 and 200 (no way).

5. overtime: (20:00 to 08:00) and for overtime and holidays, overtime, overtime pay for 10 yuan/person/hour.

Three, disassembly and Assembly costs

1. furniture: beds 60 Yuan/ticket; children bed/180; wardrobe with two 80 Yuan, three 100 RMB, four-door 120 Yuan.

2. Office: screen 30 yuan/person (simple), 40 Yuan/person (complex); 80 Yuan to 150 yuan each; class sets of 60 Yuan/piece; Taiwan 80 Yuan/Zhang.

3. air conditioning: 1 hook Assembly and disassembly 150/set; 2 200 Yuan/Taiwan 3 300 yuan/Taiwan 5/500; bracket 60/pair; fluoridation 40/pressure copper pipe 100 Yuan/m clean 50 to 100/set; drilling 50 Yuan.

Four, other costs

1. packing carton charged 15 yuan each, more than 100 free delivery to your door.

2. move the piano model model 120 and below 500 yuan each; more than 120 models 600 Yuan each.

3. long distance moving moving, transportation, machinery, lifting prices negotiable, as appropriate.

4. as long as people don't charge 40 per hour per person, starts 120 Yuan per person per time (3 hours), after 8:00 50 Yuan per person, per hour.

5. parking fees, tolls, toll ticket paid for by the customer.

Note: company cars and artificial circumstances, customers suspended the relocation plan, the customer is required to pay empty charge the car 100/train, medium cars 200/train, cart 300 yuan/vehicles.