Moved common sense move preparations

moving house is a very hard thing, in view of the above, three for the elaboration of a practical handbook, manual work, we should pay attention to what detail, when to contact the moving company valuation and handling the most appropriate time to remind you with the fastest, easiest way to move.

when we moved, because something could not be found, is likely to result in life is not easy, in particular, move home the next day to go to work, school, more trouble, so when packaging note some small tips, will enable the move will not affect their daily lives.

1) classification, packaging and marking

     first moved a few days ago for the various types of items removed, unloading and classifying tied properly, don't forget to external pen in box indicate the available loading content for me mark, so as not to forget the locker to content, to facilitate searching.

   *  odds and packing as much as possible, so as not to move scattered and difficult to find.  

   *  outside the box to indicate the number and handling during or immediately after finish know if box is missing.  

   *  daily use goods packed together, such as textbooks, stationery and supplies, children everyday.

   *  others, such as clothing, books ... Can be classified by frequency of use, the importance of packaging.

   *  cloth, detergent ... Supplies should be packed, pay attention to the new House can be used.

2) Note parts, key storage

    *  unpacking, unloading parts and keys placed to note objects, avoid assembling time and effort when searching.

3) considerations for fragile, valuable items:

    *  breakable, expensive home appliances (computers, audio, etc) at the time of packing case there should be a clear tag telling staff, packed full with rags, newspapers, shock-proof cotton, such as the space inside the box, so as to avoid handling shaking, impact damage.

    *  fish tank, Aquarium carrying cylinder/water in the tank should be emptied, put the fish in a bucket in order to facilitate handling.

    *  to ensure the relocation items safe, reduce risk, the company can provide customers with expensive property insurance agent, and rates 0.4%.

*  valuables shall be kept at any time to keep an eye on. Gold and silver jewelry, important documents, stamp books, cash, antiques and other items best to leave family and friends safe and reliable home or store locations, or remember to carry, in-person delivery.  

4) furniture shall be emptied and fixed, locked, sealed

    *  fridge, wardrobe, chest of drawers, washing machines and other internal must be emptied, because if it is not empty, service personnel would be too heavy and difficult to transport, and the furniture itself damaged by the shaking, falling, collision.

    *  dismantled furniture, closet, placed in a place easy to move, and desk drawers, wardrobe doors easily slide parts, good morning good locks or secured with nylon strapping.

5) contact neighbors and follow-up contact to facilitate moving

    *  inform the residence of your neighbors in advance, move an appointment time to avoid misunderstanding when service personnel work. Have new home address and telephone number to facilitate follow-up to forward links or important information. Reserved new, lives in the stop position of moving vehicles, large estates to reserve spaces in advance.

    *  If the building Administrator requested the Prophet, run the access formalities to facilitate the relocation smoothly.

6) telephone, mail migration

    *  early migration to the Bureau to apply for telephone, address migration and related bills, important messages (such as credit cards, mobile phones, subscriptions, newspapers, magazines, etc).


   *  packing carton is best not too large, too heavy, too big box is not only difficult to carry, and easy to be cracked at the bottom is due to too heavy.

   *  to pack cartons of goods differentiated, fragile, precious furniture and cartons are put together, easy to remind the moving service that (former residence moved out to their new home place is easy to find).  

   *  If the rainy season, worried that got wet, shall move in advance contact the moving company is rescheduled, or rain, and then move, decided by the customer, their goods well preparations for the weatherproof.

    *  in the process of relocation of the company in each family, equipped with felt, bamboo basket.

    *  living plants and animals (such as pets, such as cats, dogs, rare flowers and plants) if damage during the handling process, and the company is not responsible.  

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