Move considerations

1.  enter the premises empty-handed

move of the day, when I walked in for the first time, must get some valuable things in hand.

holding a rice barrel, passbook, or equipped with 138 Yuan (life) red envelope, which is the first of a new House, can not go empty-handed.

said the home in the future will be very full, wealth more and more meaning.

2.  into the House no longer building construction

not before moving, you can try to cubicles, hammering, somewhere to do all you can.

once after you move in and try to stop building construction. Moving things. If you want to do, be sure to date.

3.  a pregnant woman does not move

have to move, you can ask pregnant women to stay home for a while back, after moving into the new House.

pregnant women not to take part in the whole process of moving as much as possible.

4.  to select an auspicious day and time must be before noon

selected good day, good day, day on the lunar calendar should be into the House move, be careful not to rush gram to the position, is home to members of the zodiac.

moving to the duration in the forenoon, noon called Yang, after noon is called yin. In Yang's move as far as possible.

5.  new homes to "fire temple"

before you moved in the first three days, the home of the lights are all on, lit for three days and three nights

you move in on the third day, which is called fire temple.

meant for three days and nights, the fire took, Mong Kok, on the one hand, the family began to flourish.

air circulation on the one hand, again so bad ask him to go away.

"fire temple" refers to in front of the House, to make some similar fire on land not yet ground-breaking ceremony.

If we are a construction company, to buy a House, you do not know how to do "fire temple".

so will use these methods to do it myself.

6.  or treat of the day

House day treat, if was too busy on the day after election day treat.

or, after moving into a new home, often invite friends to tea also available. More popular at home.

7.  to be physically present when moving

to be physically present, not only the principal to help move. Personally moving, things to know, it can't come off.

8.  fire boiled dumplings on the day of sweet tea

moving day "stoves" must be fired, not cold stove.

can cook some sweet things, like sweet dumplings or sweet tea, eat something sweet, and a beaming.  

congratulations on your new home!  

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