Why always likes to bully property security movers

for many moving companies in Guangzhou for practitioners, moving most lets the person headache is among those who think themselves the property security, the community moved house a thorn, that no one touches, that are not allowed to get, there is, even if there are open spaces, nor let the moving company's car near the point, have to let more people on the moving company to do something, they're happy. In the State of bowing, natural in a bad mood, and finally to a Porter, natural feel than lower grades, and in any case have to air a, so no one knew of their existence. As a result, stared at the moving company workers everywhere, what is a sign of trouble, immediately straightened out correct, that like our leading research to the countryside, putting on airs, in order not to have to do with security is not good, generally our moving company they are greeted with a smile and thought to move early, too lazy to argue with them. For movers of obedience, security seems to be spiritually satisfying, so pointing shake and put on leave. As for us, has only three steps when the two step, driving time to move early, we not hide it?

sometimes these poor arrogant security guard arrived, tragically, the sad thing is he is a security guard, but restless to do their job. Thinks Yao Wu Kamui in front of little movers, but I do not know we moving company worker takes paid him twice times or more, I really do not know where they have good air.

property security the most common dilemma movers is to not let the moving company's car near, even if there is a large open area, unless it is a moving company customers out, those security managed to release, but is still reluctant, but were afraid to offend customers, owners, after all, is God. Second is not open to moving companies, can obviously be used trailers on the ground pull something, he has to let you carry out, is not open to you. Moreover is to walk that does not let you use a trailer-sounding name, afraid of broken floors, I thought to myself, if plastic wheels can crush the flooring of the building, it is estimated that a few people kicking foot, the less specifies a corner of the building, it is shoddy construction.

actually's, security or, moved workers or, everyone are is out working of, purpose only a, that is money family, if said is customer bewilders we moved workers, that seems to can understanding, because he is God, but you a small of property security also so of air, I think is incredible, I to asked you why so air does, is is you earned of money more? That is not our movers were higher than his salary! That's your power? Now that power, why the owners will need to bow, is like the uncle hope for security?

we can only hope that the property security friends understand our difficulties of moving companies, can facilitate a convenient, if we moved the company to damage the property, then it is our duty, we don't have to put you on the spot, a man has to have a sense. But I also hope that you are not battling the movers are.

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