Moving companies treat employees to due diligence

    morning 10 points, handling Department old Lee knock open has Office of door, see he sweat, full face anxious of of look, King Manager quickly asked he is out something?  old Lee, 43 age, Hubei Jingzhou city people, is we Guangzhou everyone moved company of one moved workers, to company has has two years has, old Lee is industrious, integrity, honest honest, colleagues are are is like he. Morning, Li in the milky way move knowing that his wife (Hu) collapsed at home farm and was discovered by neighbors in the village, to the hospital, doctors said that early liver cancer, need immediate treatment, Hu learned that his disease, clamoring for the hospital, which his daughter, his son freaked out. Lao Li's daughter is now attending college, son was third, the sister and two reading worked very hard, and the results were excellent. Old money was only enough to send their children to school. You have no savings at all, and now Hu is ill, old Lee have no way to find the company requests an advance salary a year, want the company to agree to. Listen to Lao Li, Wang felt very bad, he comforted Li don't worry, I'll give you to reflect about. After Lee left, Wang immediately reported to the company leaders do, the company decided, all subsidiaries included (milky way moving company, haizhu moving company, clouds moving company, yuexiu moving companies, etc) for voluntary contributions spread, colleagues were positive contributions, Wang took the lead to donate 1000 Yuan. Day down, is is all of contributions also has more than 10,000 more Yuan has, King Manager put these money make to old Lee hand Shang, said, these money you first with back, company now let you vacation,, you processing good home of thing you again back, yihou has what difficult again call to I, old Lee holding with this more than 10,000 more Yuan money, excited of full face tears, choked of even words are said not out! After this incident, our moving company in Guangzhou this team more unity, strong, work together to create brilliant tomorrow!

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