Move effects on children

    time ago, small series of everyone moving company in Guangzhou saw a news about moved a lot on the issue of child development. Although in the view of many adults, moving's not a big surprise, is not always somewhere else, had no effect on life, frequently moving effect on children's growth is gradually revealed. Mainly children without an adult's ability to adapt, as far as I could see, would shy from the beginning to be familiar with, in particular, is his playmate, children can so persistent to a toy, not to mention their playmates. In a new environment, between the children and the children shy from the beginning to the end of the play, is a process, until the child had become familiar with the environment, but had to move with their parents, although it has 1000 to 10,000, but in front of his parents is the authority is to decide, so had to follow their parents move around.

     over time, growing up with their own, might these factors affect a child's personality, perhaps moved a lot of minority children promoted, you can see a different world, seeing different scenes, but most of the baby's mind is very fragile, not strange, familiar and unfamiliar. It is often said that interest is the best teacher of the child, the partners are a child's best friend. Some children may not be telling the parents, but will speak to their partners, small partners about the importance of children.

     for children's healthy growth, recommends that parents in the choices we must consult with the child, seek the views of children, not for its own sake, and have neglected the children meet their life aversion to move and helpless.

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