How to reduce your moving company disputes

friend move in order to make the general public goes, in order for everyone to be in a good mood, in this, Guangzhou all moving companies small series give you the recipe, move so that we can easily avoid disputes from happening.  

  1. before moving, employer it is best to plan new articles how to place, such as washing machine table, positioning these bulky Porter as possible at one time items, saving both the moving time, and allows you to save a lot of power. So, do be sure to have a plan before.  

  2. the employer in addition to supervision and handling process, if the power can also be involved in the move process, such as helping push the elevator, hand small packages such as help, personal power.  

  3. be sure to pack before moving all the debris, must not wait to Porter came up, time is very precious.  

  4. moving day can be ready to water, Porter can be readily accessible when thirsty and tired.  

  5. an employer items safely to their new home is the responsibility of Porter, please do not hesitate to give encouragement to them because this is their incentive to work.  

  6. moving parking sites, employers need to inform in advance, both parties solve the parking problem, so as not to cause unnecessary distress on the day.  

   moving is a very hard thing, employers understand the movers and, of course, our staff will serve you with all my heart, to move your home as your own home, wish everyone a happy cooperation. Your support is a great encouragement to us.   

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