Had to buy a House move to children's growth

    half-month annual leave blink was going to take over, now empty, to sit down at the computer, writing essays in the space, records with some recent things can look at in the future. This year for my family and I will certainly produce some change, reason is our farewell to ration our parents moved the family out of the thirty or forty years, this also symbolizes a lot of household chores to sell itself take care of, so it was busy. In this move, our preparation is a lengthy and complex process. Due to find a meet the requirements of all aspects of the House, and had a lot of trouble. First is between new and second-hand housing resolution, in order to avoid the new decoration of the poor, to secondary lines into a hardcover. Followed by estate agents looked around the room, not only more room in the residential environment, building type, Interior and decoration, more concerned about price bump. In order to find a cheap house, from the heat of the summer began to look at before and after no fewer than twenty or thirty suites. Approach determine up Hou on with sellers war, and communication, Britain late several round talks, in intermediary of set Xia only determine Xia on both sides play of sale cost and payment method, then is to property Council RBIs transfer of related procedures,, original households moved out Hou, we only out see of finishing clean has about, a finishing only found things really of many Ah, all prepared ready on poor Dongfeng has, began select Guangzhou moved company has, in online find has many home moved company, selected came selected past, Played a lot of price concessions of the Guangzhou moving company phone to pick, well everyone moving company in Guangzhou. Recalled that six months after the running back for the House resumes, worry about the difficulty that call a tired!

     to deal with today's young people, mostly married separated parents choice, a home of our own, and we kept after marriage lived with his parents until kids for ten years now. And now moved in, is important for the child, as appropriate. As with many generations of families, with regard to the education of the next generation, we face the child too much care and love, and even some signs of love and teachings have had different views. After we weighed, served as a teacher and friend advice on either side, not far from the parents ' home in a fancy House moved in, this is beneficial to children's development but also facilitate taking care of elderly or infirm. Kind friend advised us to look good prices and then sold, for our children's future on the bite, braving the high housing prices harm of rise of the city at any time, buy a House moving.

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