Glass table broke moving company customers

     "moving company damages own glass table, no compensation for it? "Yesterday, who lives in Zhang Lai Wan Road to the newspaper and call for help. Original things is such of, Qian days, Zhang ladies prepared moved, so on in online find has a home Guangzhou ** moved company, on good has price and agreed good has moved time, moved day, moved workers in moved way will Zhang ladies of a Zhang glass table of fell broken has, checkout Shi, she requirements moved company on damaged of table for compensation, but moved company refused to accompany produced, so Zhang ladies on thought has newspaper of activist phone.

     Zhang ladies told newspaper of remember with, dang loaded full goods of truck arrived destination zhihou, moved company of workers began to new home moved things, only heard suddenly "bang" of a sound glass broken of voice, Zhang ladies quickly run to truck next see a what, original moved company of workers in truck of when will home of glass table lane broken has, immediately with moved workers negotiations has a, and requirements moved company accompany produced, moved company of workers is said, , Will say this thing, first moved finished things, Zhang ladies also on no held, stay handling finished Hou, moved company of workers like Zhang ladies begging for moved costs amounted to 700 Yuan, but Zhang ladies insisted requirements moved company first compensation she of table 200 Yuan, or refused to payment, however moved company of Liu Mr is said, like such of easy broken easy bad of things are is to buy insurance of, because Zhang ladies no to they company paid these items of insurance, so moved way as long as not appeared human deliberately damaged on don't compensation.

neither side would give in, the Lady repeated a call to the company complained, without results, did not get the money, the moving company workers won't go, but Zhang had just finished moving home, much still needs to be done, no way, had to eat humble pie's first move costs 700 Yuan paid out, then call the newspaper revelations demand rights.

     newspaper reporter then contact to has Guangzhou ** moved company, staff Wu Mr told reporter, Zhang ladies by said of fundamental is myth of, because Zhang ladies of table originally is damaged has of, we workers also reminded had Zhang ladies, if insisted on to moved, way appeared damaged, we company not is responsible for, Zhang ladies also promised has, if said is we company no reminded customer, himself lane broken of, so we certainly will compensation of, But it was agreed that we just moved, we have done our part, so no compensation. Due to the fact there is no conclusive evidence that it is damage to the moving company, had gone unnoticed.

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