Each time the move coincides with the rainy day

    but moved to my new home is at this time, think, each time at the most important moment of my life was always raining, rain is a good omen in traditional Chinese culture, in addition to not inconvenience other than, but also do not have a taste.

     according to the calculated time is Mr choushi, that is, 1 to 3 in the morning, and relatives simply after eating dinner, we indirectly to go home, when you go to bed, little friend into bed and fell asleep, but my LG and they are awake, wordy hid in bed playing games, chatting to pass the time. In nearby 11:30 this start to fall asleep, sleeping sickness in both ... ... 12 alarm clock rang on time, struggling to climb from the cold blanket, agile dressed and put on new pants and socks (according to the customs of Ningde, new house guests are to wear new pants, new socks), shake is still sweet dreams little friend, ready to go. Probably 0:30 points around, we out has, Wow good cold Ah, breathing are is white of fog, playing with umbrella, everyone hold blocking with climbed to car Shang, Windows Shang agile cast up a layer fog, open has except fog, open has heating, rain scraping still by window Qian roundtrip shaking, mind in also filled with beyond of cold rainy night, car has in night in the driving up.

     such a night, streets are not alone, many moving people, cars, in his work. We go to her in-laws house together, because it is in accordance with customs of Ningde, so items are prepared by them, the family has assembled about a dozen people, several cars are lined up at the door waiting, prepare so many goods, pole, basket ... ... Heaps and heaps, all kinds of things represents a different meaning, but the same place everyone's feelings and wishes. In the roles of everyone after leveling, everyone had brought my obligation and props, my obligation is to sweep the money at the door of the Bank, so my word: bucket, broom, aprons, dumplings ... LG's Word: Lantern, abacus ...

after about half an hour, journey time, in control of the process, sort order, leave Hong Kong cavalcade. A petal of a flower in the middle of an umbrella, rain umbrella, splashing droplets under the Dim street lights, umbrella is the dense mist, hazy and warm.

team open has double Flash, slow to open to backbone road Shang, after CCB door, we stopped has, by I into CCB sweep red, CCB has collection has many people has, has a team people is of official, everyone chest Qian tied with red silk with, a word row open, female guest clothing white of cheongsam, white of high heels, makeup capacity fine to in carefully sweep, also has several team horses pursuant to their different of custom sweep Bank, I some wants to laugh, however also is held back has, solemn to carefully of achieved has this obligations.

     our roads from the South loop, and set off firecrackers at each corner (more what do you mean, I don't know), the team arrived at the gate at his new home, very stable. Community in moved of people really more, firecrackers sound, Fireworks sound come, warm special, everyone gradually Xia has car, lift of lift, mention of mention, finally is put several car of goods welcome into new home has, home has was takes, too stereo and egg has hack, hot of dates sugar one by one sent Shang, from cold of rain night into warm bright of housing in, drink with daily of sugar, really comfortable. Dibon obscure new home, happy and popularity with the rendering of the white, instantly alive, we share two tables, jams with each other to keep warm, eating hot too solid, open heart talking, dismissed all sleepy and cold. Soon, all clean up properly, everyone scattered, home work, we also inherit and immediately going home, and get ready for the next day when guests.

     the rain is still kept, and tame the whole night full of human ears.

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