Clearly wrong to say moving company charges

     now to discuss moving company or move, the company's online news, mostly for negative news moving company, moving company stealing stuff from the customer, halfway to fare increases, moved not tipping is not moving and so moved to a majority of news, then moving company in Guangzhou's image did really bad like that? Since moving markets is dark, how can there be so many people move to find a moving company, is not really all that bad. If the moving company for a problem that is not possible, even regular mass moving company it is impossible to make every customer satisfied, I encountered such a customer, naming no formal public move, said poor coordination, slow, even the most famous mass moving company there are people who do not pay, then the other moving company? It is conceivable that problem is a lot of. But moving company is a rough, nothing is elegant, fine said, on the customer's attitude be like Yes 10086 customer service personnel.

      is times I moved are met customer to save money not reported full things,, moved company to has, found car loaded can't, cannot moved has, to added money more moved once or into more big of vehicles, customer on not dry has, "said family moved are is so big of car, you of car how so small, moved which has not more things of, I also didn't more many, is 10 several package things's......" So I want to say is that people with big cars are large car price, car used carts to move the money you want to spend, how could it be possible that, the moving company is the establishment of for profit, not for charity. Spend 300 bucks just want someone else to make 600 quick money for things, do you think you could?

      so disputes on to has, customer variable of rational has, instead we moved company into has black moved company, is between, think is moved company too rude, total wants to with added money, they have wants to had himself of fault does, always wants to with cheap, you not respect we moved company of labor, that we dry well to on you service has better, fight into has routine. After all customer is God, so last suffer of often is we moved company, things do can't, also to spent oil money, outweigh the, so moved company also not so good do of, is not moved company black, but customer not told integrity, clearly is himself of not also have said is we moved company mess added money, so everyone are think whole moved company market is black, is fear found added money of moved company, on moved company is anti-has and anti-. The moving company's bitter and who can say that? I just want to say, respectful of people quality services only for customers, so that customers can be called God!!!

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