After the move the next day still feel tired

        This days I drizzle was cold and wet, so bored! Now, just when you can go home! Inside the nest warmer and warmer! I love my family! I want to go home with mother's nest together, holding the mother a good night's sleep!

I was afraid of them ruined my rabbit, I would like to own holding my rabbit!

moved with friends today! Call on our beloved Deng Fu driver, a cart full of it! moved from the floor to the first floor, and moved from the first floor to the third floor! We were too tired to death alive. Very cold, we were all sweating! Has moved a few times I feel tired! They will not let me move, I just I look at tools!

rest I wanted to sleep late today, who knows 8 wake up! Awake foot too sour and not sleep! Almost fell asleep on the back was a German law wind wake me up asking me to go to a massage! Made me cold and wake up! Massage was still tired!

today I'm not so comfortable, come back and go to sleep! Boiled dinner called me up and eat! Today, we are on the third floor eating, the third floor is our nest! hehe, in my Office on the second floor! Is my six on the first floor, said that in fact, I want to stay on the first floor!

I think my in-laws MOM and dad and Grandma, back I decided to just stay by their side! I wish the family health and be happy!

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